Goss Chocoloate


We are a small family owned and operated enterprise in Seine Bight Village, beautiful southern Belize. We started to make chocolate from bean to bar commercially in 2007, after over a year or more of experimenting. GOSS CHOCOLATE is 100% natural, made from Fair Trade certified 100% organically grown Belizean cacao beans, Belizean cane sugar, whole milk powder (only in milk and white chocolate bars), natural whole vanilla bean. There are no artificial ingredients, flavours, fillers or colours. Our chocolate is full of vitamins and minerals, essential oils, and packed with heart-healthy antioxidant power, flavanoids.

The health benefits of dark chocolate & cocoa are now well known: chocolate protects the heart, keeps arteries clean & promotes blood flow, lowers blood pressure, has anti-inflammation action, increases insulin sensitivity, helps with chronic fatigue syndrome, and also enhances neurotransmitters like serotonin, which help regulate mood & sleep. In fact, eating chocolate produces the same chemicals in your brain as being in love! No wonder most of us are in a better mood after eating some chocolate!

We produce European style rich chocolate bars, Dark, deep Milk, White chocolate with vanilla beans, a Special Dark made of select beans, and an Extra Dark, 85% bar.

We mainly make chocolate bars, cocoa powder, & baking chocolate, but we also make mini bars, truffles, & other treats for businesses or special holidays. Our 3 lb boxes contain 24 2 oz bars, wrapped in a special gold foil wrapper which protects the chocolate from humidity & light.

We also supply bakeries, ice cream shops and dairies with bulk cocoa & baking chocolate, roasted beans & roasted nibs.

Our factory is located near Placencia, in Seine Bight Village, on the Blue Crab Beach grounds. Sorry no factory tours due to strict hygiene rules & regulations. We can send most orders by mail to many countries, in the cooler months of Nov- March.

We provide retailers with free Goss Chocolate laminated posters featuring original art, mostly from Belize. Our cocoa powder containers are decorated with all original Belizean art by Lola Delgado.

Made in Beautiful Belize